Anpanman Kimchi Rice Balls

To be honest I never really knew that much about Anpanman as a character, but I knew was that he was a very well known icon in the Asian community. With a little bit of research, I found that Anpanman was from a very popular anime that aired in Japan from 1988. The main character, Anpanman has a bun for a head made by his Uncle Jam, a baker. His name is a combination of two words – pan for the Japanese word for bread and anko, the Japanese word for red bean paste. 

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Anyway hot dogs are great use to make Anpanman since it’s easy to highlight Anpanman’s facial features with it. The rest of the food is made of primarily sushi rice, kimchi, and spicy mayo. After several attempts at making these, I found that making a thick layer of sushi rice was key to make the filling not bleed out onto the outer edges of the rice. In addition, I used nori seaweed face punchers to save time and design the face.

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Anpanman Kimchi Rice Balls
  1. 2 cups sushi rice
  2. 2 hotdogs
  3. 2 cups kimchi
  4. 1 sheet roasted seaweed
  5. 1/4 cup rice vinegar
  6. spicy mayo
  1. Wash and cook the sushi rice
  2. Cut out shapes of Anpanman using the roasted seaweed. Slice ends of hot dog to make the nose and two more thin slices to make the cheeks. Cut the rest of the hot dog into small pieces. Heat the hot dog parts in a pan
  3. Cut kimchi into small bite sized pieces. Mix together the kimchi, hot dog scraps, and spicy mayo together to make the filling
  4. When the rice is done, splash on the rice vinegar and mix the rice around. Let the rice cool for a bit.
  5. Take a sheet of plastic wrap and place a layer of the rice on top. Spread flat and add filling on top. Then, gather the ends of the plastic wrap and bring them together and spin to form a ball with the rice. Let it sit for a bit to form the shape.
  6. Remove the rice ball from the plastic and add the roasted seaweed and hot dog to finish making Anpanman
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