Kumamon Nutella Toast

The first time I saw Kumamon was at a ramen shop in Delaware and I thought it was a strangely funny looking bear that the shop had created. Later I found out that Kumamon was actually a mascot to promote attraction for the Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan. Kumamon earned $120 million in just the first half of 2012, 2 years after being created and went on to become a national sensation. It turns out the Kumamoto Prefecture decided not to charge anyone for copyright use of the character, which would explain why I saw the bear as the theme for a ramen shop. 

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Although Kumamon has a funny looking face, it’s design is very simple; it only takes a few shapes and colors to create it’s face. With that in mind, making Kumamon’s face on toast should be a simple feat. Nutella is perfect for the dark skin Kumamon has and you can’t really go wrong with Nutella even though the craze for it has died down since it first came out. 

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Kumamon Nutella Toast
  1. 2 slices bread
  2. 2 slices white cheese
  3. 4 raspberries
  4. nutella
  1. Cut out Kumamon face out of white cheese
  2. Toast the bread
  3. Spread nutella on each slice of toasted bread
  4. Add the cut outs of white cheese. Cut raspberries in half to make Kumamon's cheeks
Cafe Wisp http://www.cafewisp.com/
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 Yes I know I didn’t actually use Nutella, but it was still a hazelnut spread. Arrest me.

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