Rilakkuma Bulgogi Burger

While not the typical bulgogi you would think of, this burger is inspired by the taste behind it through its marinade. I happened to find the recipe for this burger by chance when I was planning a barbecue with some of my friends and wanted to cook something a little less basic as many of my friends already know. After making and eating the burger, I think I can say that this is my favorite burger to date. The smell from marinading the meat to cooking the patties and having that first bite of Korean barbecue tasting meat in patty form is to die for.

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I don’t think most people think about this, but the buns for a burger are just as important as the contents that go inside. The most common buns you’ll find are white, sesame, and potato buns. In more recent times, burger buns have been replaces with other types of breads like the brioche and now the pretzel buns. I’m personally a fan of brioche buns because of its texture and taste so I went with that. It’s important that whatever bun you decide to use for burgers, that it compliments the contents and should not overpower the rest of the burger.



Rilakkuma Bulgogi Burger
  1. 1 1/2 lbs ground beef
  2. 1/4 cup sesame seed
  3. 3 tbs gochujang
  4. 2 tbs sesame oil
  5. 5 scallions
  6. 5 cloves garlic
  7. 2 tbs ginger
  8. 2 tbs rice wine vinegar
  9. 1 tbs brown sugar
  10. 6 brioche buns
  11. 14 ozs kimchi
  12. 1 hot dog
  13. 1 sheet nori
  14. white cheese
  15. sriracha
  16. mayonnaise
  1. Chop the scallions and grate the garlic and ginger. Mix together the sesame seeds, gochujang, sesame oil, scallions, garlic, ginger, rice wine vinegar, and brown sugar until a paste forms. Combine this paste with the beef and let the mixture marinade in the fridge for a day.
  2. Cut out the facial features of Rilakkuma. Cut out the eyes and mouth with the nori, the mouth with the white cheese.
  3. Mix together the mayonnaise and sriracha to make spicy mayo to your desired taste. Chop the kimchi and heat on a pan. Toast buns on a pan as well.
  4. Form 1/4 lb patties from the marinaded meat and cook to desired taste. Combine ingredients to form burger. Add decorations to make Rilakkuma.
  1. Fried egg (optional)
Adapted from The Food in my Beard
Cafe Wisp

I’ll usually add en egg on to a burger when I’m out at a restaurant because it is such a game changer and seeing the egg yolk break and oozing makes the burger all the more romantic.

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